Język polski

Język polski

I'm not sure if you can speak Polish well or if you want to begin to study Polish from the very beginning.

I think I have something I can recommend to you - my own teaching  method: the Direct Communication Method. To put it short - you begin to speak Polish from the very first minute of our lessons.

If you want to get to know the method better, do not hesitate and contact us!


One individual lesson lasts 40 minutes.

One lesson costs 68 PLN...

...but you can invest in one of the LUXURY packages and pay less:

package number of lessons
in package
minimal number of lessons
a week
price of one lesson
LUXURY 10 10 2 67 PLN
LUXURY 20 20 3 65 PLN
LUXURY 30 30 4 62 PLN
LUXURY 50 50 6 60 PLN



Which package are you interested in? Call us now!

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